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New Release

My Debut Novel 

TEXIT - A Star Alone

This book was in the making for more than two years. The story is a lot more relevant today than when it occurred to me as a spark in 2021.


I can't wait for you to delve into this world of speculative fiction with me.

Now available in three formats.

Paperback, Hard Cover, and Kindle.


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Pre-Launch Trailer

A Strudel Love Letter

In only a dozen-odd pages the author creates an empathy between the reader and the protagonists..

Praise & Reviews


This work of fiction is devastatingly accurate in the illustration of the potential for history and bias to convene into atrocity as seen in contemporary actions across our nation and the world.. - Book Reviewer

Desolate Freedom

Engaging story with unexpected turns..


About Ganpy

I'm Ganpy, entrepreneur, writer, and reader, working and living in Michigan. I have been writing since my early twenties and I am excited to share my debut novel, TEXIT - A Star Alone with you all.


Writing a book is a long and an arduous journey, and it took me a novel like TEXIT - A Star Alone to realize that. This book would not have been possible if not for the help and support I received from countless individuals. 

Although TEXIT is my debut novel, I have published a few short stories in the past. You may check out my short stories collection in the Kindle store and also subscribe to my Medium page ​where I write regularly on topics such as politics, sports, movies, music, technology, etc.  


Thank you for visiting my website.

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